Sardinia’s Most Popular Song

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Deus Ti Salvet Maria is a traditional religious song that venerates the Blessed Virgin Mary. It originated in the 17th century but still endures to be one of Sardinia’s most favorite songs. As this was originally written in Italian, the Sards later made it their own by translating it into the vernacular. This happened during the 18th century where most Sardinians were all of Roman Catholic faith and was extensively sang in Mass and religious festivals.

“Ave Maria” continues to delight generations as new versions are being recorded by many artists through the years. They include Sardinian luminaries Andrea Parodi and Maria Carta. Listen to this song and be inspired.

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  1. The most famous sardinian song is “No Potho Reposare”, a love song written in 19th century, not a religious song like “Deus ti Salvet Maria”!

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