Surfing In Sardinia

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It is an open secret among surfing aficionados that the best place to surf in Italy is on Sardinia. Most consider it a surfers’ paradise. Because of the usually isolated location, surfers can have the beach all to themselves. As if the beautiful dark green waters aren’t a draw enough, the golden beaches can be a private place where they can discover and enjoy the sturdy waves. Surfers trek to the Cagliari coastline where there are more than twenty five surfing sites they can choose from. The best time to go here is during winter time where the swells can go up to five storeys high! Nothing like a surfing beast for a surfer to tame.

Below is a kinetic hi-res video of surfing in Sardinia courtesy of local surfing enthusiast Luigi Corda. If you’re interested to know more about surfing, his webpage is displayed on the video.

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  1. i broke my arm on a freak surfing accident but hey, surfing is a nice sport”;.

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